Monday, March 21, 2011

Back from Keys

Sorry for the late reports for the weekend, I took a trip down to the Keys and had a great time hitting a few of the bridges (channel 2 & 5, 7mile, and Long Key). My son and myself did very well on the snapper,we had our the best bite at Long Key Bridge. I have a friend who lived in the keys and told us about a spot he fishes on Long Key Bridge, it’s about 1/2 mile out on the bridge, but it was worth the walk. We lived up to our ON FOOT ANGLER style of fishing. We must have released 30-40 keeper snapper, but keeping just enough for a few meals, and a bunch of grouper released (closed season). We chummed and used mostly live and “FRESH” frozen shrimp, the pinfish where out in full force. I meet and made a few new friends who gave me a few hints on whats going on down there, the guys at Caloosa Cove Marina, and the Ladies at Marathon Bait & Tackle. THANKS for the info..Take the trip down, hit me up and I’ll give you more info. on whats going on down that way. In time the Keys are going to be apart of my regular report.

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