Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Whites Tackle-Ft. Pierce

Good morning, well despite the freezing weather this morning (42 degrees) at least the winds are down! the diminished winds will help improve the fishing in the lagoon for sure. The cool weather will drive the water temperature down, but the cooler temperatures and lack of wind should help improve the clarity of the water.
Scott when on a late afternoon fishing trip yesterday, and seemed to do pretty well on some big seatrout. He sent me two different pictures. Both of them were really nice fish. From the pictures they appeared to be in the six the eight pound range. He caught them on an Exude dart. The dart is a short weedless soft plastic that works great in shallow water were predators lay. There have also been some reports of big snook moving out of the inlets deeper warm water to feed on the shallows. Not many have been caught but several have been seen.

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