Monday, March 28, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

At the beach it was Blues, Pompano and Whiting in and out all day, no pattern but just fish if the one you want is not there wait thirty minutes and it will show, no pattern. Normally it would be Blues in the early part of the day but not this week, Pompano when that edge warms, but not this week it was location, location and when you thought you had it figured they would change and I am not so sure they are not laughing at us. Cut bait for the Blues and clam for the others sure put a lot of fish on the beach, no matter what time. Did I mention the thirty pound Jacks

Too many Reds, from rats to the top of the slot, from north to south, east side or west it has been a morning bite. These fish school buy size so that may help you make that decision, do I leave or not. Anglers report action from the mangroves north of Little Mud on the east, docks south of Walton Road on the west to Boy Scout Island south of the Stuart Causeway using live shrimp or soft rubber baits. Bone fish in the Sail Fish flats; anglers casting that little spoon for Pompano are finding them in good numbers. Tout in good numbers on most grass edges, Pompano look to the deep water or flats close to that deep water, that little spoon move slowly across the bottom is the winner. 

Yes there is plenty of Spanish Mac’s south of the inlet, Tarpon at the Boils, Snook season is closed, Black Drum at the bridges it has been a fishy week, with beautiful weather…….could it get any better……………………………………….HENRY 

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