Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

Yes it is summer and yes I love it. With its warm days it makes me lazy, makes me want to lie around and do as little as possible, and yes the fish feel the same way. Fish early, catch the coolest water of the day or fish the shaded waters, under the dock, bridges, tree lined shore or just deep water. The water is warm and the fish are just lying around now all you have to do is get them to eat.Tarpon a plenty, inlets, crossroads, north fork, power plant and all we have to do is find out what they are eating. Small is always a good starter or crabs but if you have been fishing the Roosevelt it is that little D.O.A. Terroreyz, gray hours have been best and please do not bring a knife to the gun fight. Yes they look like they are lazing around but do not be mislead, they are ready for battle. 
More my speed are the Trout, fished early they can be found in the shallowest of water, top water plugs with a slow retrieve will get them. 

In the mix are the Reds and some Blue fish, have no idea what the blues are doing but they are there. After the sun is up go to the shaded water and slow down, these fish will pick up your bait not attack it. Fishing the channel edge will find them, deeper water, cooler water and do not forget the water for the angler we will both need it. Snook is closed……..

Surf anglers are still playing with the Blues early, casting cut baits and spoons, after that sun warm the edge they back out and in come the Whiting and Croakers. Cool about these fish is they do not wear a watch; they are there all day, up close and very tasty. A small piece of shrimp on a two hook rig will find you plenty so do not forget the ice. Snook is closed…………….

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