Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who Said They Don't Like The Warm Water

A nice early run of Pompano has hit the Juno Pier the last two days, I was there today about mid day and they where too. A lot of people  think they don't run in the late spring and summer, but Iv'e caught quite a few doing this time of year. Their not there all the time but when THEY-ARE,  THEY-ARE, like today. There where some good size fish being caught. I left about 4pm but the Pompano didn't. There also where a few manta rays swimming around, one came down close to the beach and up by the pier >>>>>>  3 cobias where with it but everyone was fishing for pomps  NO COBIA RIGS,   NO LIVE BAIT,   NO NOTHING, so they just swam away, like the swam in.

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