Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sebastian Inlet Report


It's another overcast morning and it looks as if we will have sun and clouds all day which will help keep the temperature down. This morning winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 7 mph. Fishing is still on the slow side but there have been a few real nice fish for patient anglers who bide their time. 

Snook are thick mostly in the evenings but please remember they are catch and release only, it is spawning season and we need those Snook to go out and make more Snook! Please handle this species with caution as with all C/R species. If you are going to photograph a C/R fish, please use two hands to support the weight of the fish, never let the fish hang by the gills, it can damage the internal structure. Try not to handle the fish too much or with a towel, this will remove the important "slime" off their bodies. Take a quick photo and get the fish back into the water ASAP. When releasing a fish from the jetty, if no net is available, release the fish head first into the water and beware of rocks below. 

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