Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From Henry@ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Two mornings I opened and the temps were in the forty’s, oh well anything for a Pompano. We had two great years od Pompano starting
in November and then there is this year, still waiting for the run. Water temps have been unusual to the warm side but finally weather that 
will bring down the water temps and bring I some Pompano. Had several anglers in today saying they finally caught some on the beach, not 
sure what some means but at least they are talking. Interesting thing has been the bite has been all day, plenty of Croaker, Whiting and lets hope more Pompano. Most interesting is the catch, Whiting and Croaker are up close and in the mix were the Pompano, so just maybe a little
longer cast and you would really be in the Pomp's, clams and sand fleas were the favored baits but the Fish Bites sure seem to work. Blue Fish
for the anglers using cut baits, small 3/5 lbs.' ,excellent table fare and again the bite has been all day if you like standing in the cold. In as much as I complain about the cold our sun shines bright so I guess it is not so bad and back to any thing for a pompano. Trout from many locations, in spite of the cooler temps the fish are chewing and they are mid slot to bigger, mid morning being the best time, Favored bait has been live, lure anglers you have to slow your baits down, real slow. Reds like the cooler water, east or west side of the river
with an early time favored. Now if you are looking to bend a rod the Jacks and Lady Fish are every where, 20/30lbs’ Jacks in big schools around the power plant and in that mix a big Lady’s with schools of Blues to keep you on your toes. Snook have been busy eating for the last few days, not sure what these cold days will do they may just go deep and forget to eat. Lots of small Snook in the flats, lots of big Snook at the bridges, sun down is the preferred time. 

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