Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Well we started out with a warming weather, then 
it went to cloudy, rain and cool, enough this is south Florida.
That north wind will keep the Blues busy for the surf anglers, keeping the cool water in the neighborhood.  April is the time for the bigger Blues 9/12lbs and some bigger, why I wish I knew maybe they are just older like me and in no hurry. These fish have been in all day with the best time being early but not limited to.  Cut baits have been preferred but a big top water popper will find the fish. Cut baits because of the scent and the popper because of the noise just make it easier to locate and like all older things we like things easy.  Yes, still plenty of the chopper Blues for the early angler, use cut bait the water is cloudy and a spoon will hard to see, cut bait with its scent works.  Now if you like to sleep in the Whiting and Pompano will be there when you get there, once that sun warms that edge they will move in.  These fish are just a pitch into the surf not a cast, plenty of Whiting and a few Pompano in the mix, do not forget the ice.  Snook, we will need a lot of south wind with its warm water and they will be here.  Stay away from the beach construction, cloudy water  you want the blue water.
 Surprise  the river has been busy with fish, simple to find, fish the flat water because that is where the fish are. With the wind changing direction several times a day look to the flat clear water, Trout and Reds top the list using a bait that you can move across the bottom, a small buck tail or the suspending MiroLure will get the job done.  Moving across the fuzzy water you will find plenty of Blues, Lady Fish and Mac’s, you pick the time the fish are there.  We had a few warmer days moving the river temps up then it became cool again so who knows where the Snook went.  Look to the deeper water these fish are in their comfort zone, a slow moving bait just might wake them up.

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