Monday, April 22, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Still bigger Blues in the surf for that early angler eating cut baits, these fish are there most of the day but the numbers are early.
Pompano at the Tiger Shores access, in and out but when they are in they 
are there in good numbers, no special time just have to be there.
Summer has arrived and the Snook have made a good show at the surfs edge, Bombers plugs, Krystal minnows, DOA Bait Buster all working
well.  Get your feet wet, cast in the trough, bright silver, slot size 
real nice fish.  Plenty of Whiting, all good size so do not forget the 
ice.  Beautiful blue surf, finally summer is here and any day I know the Tarpon will show. River anglers are all talking about the St. Lucie river, north fork and south fork and big Snook.  Temps are perfect, with the deep waterand plenty of baits, shy not.  Trolling is the key, mid channel, big Bombers and Rat-l-traps just as the sun sets lots of big fish.  Good week for the Snook anglers, plenty of shorts in the flats and plenty of fish well over the slot at the bridges, low light preferred. Still plenty of 
Blues, Mac’s and Jacks to keep busy but slot Trout is have been a hard find with all the wind.  Look for the flat water that is where the bait 
is and that is where the fish are, be quick because the wind is about to 
change directions and you will be looking again for that flat water.

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