Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Todd / Eric @ Juno Bait -Juno Beach

INSHORE- Snook season is open(until December 15th), and the linesiders are around.  The finger mullet are starting to really fill in inshore good, and the snook are feeding on them.  As the mullet schools get bigger and bigger, catching snook on lures gets harder and harder.  A live mullet fished on the outside edge of the school or underneath is the best way to get a bite when the bait is very thick.  Otherwise, consider fishing areas that snook use as ambush points when mullet schools come by.  These areas (which can be docks, seawalls, bridges, etc) are great areas to throw big lures this time of year in between mullet schools.  Snook will often jump all over a properly presented lure that looks like a stray or lost mullet looking for a school to join.  To catch those slot size snook consider using bigger baits like flair hawk jigs, big swimbaits, or large swimming plugs.  Other action inshore is starting to improve as we see a slight change in the weather.  Spotted seatrout are starting to make a showing around Munyon Island.  Tarpon are around inshore following the mullet schools, with some good numbers of tarpon being found in Lake Worth and Little Lake Worth.

SURF/PIER- The mullet run is starting to go off, and the predators are not far behind the mullet schools.  Snook, tarpon, jacks, sharks, bluefish(already!), and even an occasional redfish are taking advantage of the abundant food source.  The Juno Beach Fishing PIer is producing a few keeper size snook for those spending the time looking for them.  A large plug(Like Rapala X-Rap size 14) is a good choice first thing in the morning before the sun really gets up, and then live bait will be the best choice for the snook.  Look for the snook to really key in on mullet as their main food source for the next few weeks.  Blue runners, bluefish and ladyfish are also being caught on the pier.  The "Miami Rig" or "Bobber Rig" with a clark spoon is a good choice for assorted action on the pier (Check Catch 365 section for a rundown on this rig today).  A few very scattered reports of some pompano already as well.  Surf fishing in general should really start to improve over the next few weeks!

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