Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Report


We have some clouds building at the inlet this morning; there is a good possibility of rain today and throughout the rest of the week, so go prepared for it if you head to the inlet. This morning there is very little wind blowing; insect repellent would be a good to take along. 

We received an update from Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach who fished the north jetty yesterday morning and reported a decent bite. Arriving at the inlet at 6:15, Mike netted plenty of mojarra, finger mullet and pilchards in the tide pool. Overnight anglers reported that a lot of Snook were landed, but none were in the slot. Mike fished the outgoing tide until leaving at 10:30. He landed the only Redfish, a keeper at 26.5" using a live pilchard around 8:00 a.m. A couple of large Margate, 6 - 8 Mangrove Snapper, 3 - 4 Spanish Mackerel and 6 - 8 Jacks came over the rails during his time on the jetty. 
We also received an update from B.J. Nand of Kissimmee. B.J. landed two oversized Snook and one 32" keeper on Monday, opening day. 
Our first two photos today are courtesy of Andrew Sampson. Andrew took his two 5 year old nephews fishing on the north jetty.  The boys had exceptional luck for such young anglers. Dylan is featured in our first photo with an 11" Mangrove Snapper he landed using greenies. 
Photo two features 5 year old Sebastian with his 13" Mangrove Snapper he landed, also using greenies. 
Photo three is of Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach with the 26.5" slot Red he landed yesterday. 

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