Monday, October 2, 2017

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

If anyone took a look at the weather forecast yesterday it showed there was going to be a short window to get to the beach and wet a line before our next dose of strong easterly winds moves into the area on Sunday. The swell has subsided and the weeds are not an issue after weeks of battling those two situations. I took advantage of this opportunity and headed to Middle Cove this morning. Pompano, whiting, croaker, ladyfish, jacks, tarpon, sharks, and yes, catfish all provided some great action on the long rods. Sand Flea scented Fishbites was my bait of choice and provided all of the strikes. The bad news is all14 pompano I caught were throwbacks and almost all the same size, from 9 to 10 inches. It was definitely good practice for the upcoming pompano season and the larger fish will be moving into our area as the waters start to cool. The whiting and croaker were nice sized fish and the jacks and ladyfish always make a good showing for themselves as they are a blast to catch. I had two tarpon bites and got jumps out of both fish after they ate my whiting or croaker as I was reeling them in. The spinner shark did a full 360 degree spin after eating another hooked fish I was trying to get to shore. This is the type of surf action we can expect to see after this next bout of strong winds gets out of here by next weekend. Better days are coming and hopefully we can get back to some steady surf action by next weekend. Good luck and catch em up.

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