Tuesday, October 17, 2017

From Henry & Fred @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Inshore fishing has been fairly good despite all the freshwater and wind. Anglers fishing the Indian River from the Jensen Causeway north have found better water, still brown but better none the less. Lots of large Tarpon in our area around the bridges, spillways, inlets and deep cuts like little mud creek north of the power plant. Captain Jonathan Earhart of Chaos Fishing Adventures has landed quite a few fish well over the 100lb mark just this past week. The baits of choice have been live mullet from 4”-10” accompanied by the appropriate size circle hook. The last thing you want to do is bury the hook in the mullet, you want the hook to easily come out of the bait and go into the fish when you get a bite. Hook the mullet either in the top lip, behind the head or just behind the anal fin. 

Great numbers of slot sized Redfish over the last few weeks from the west side catwalk at the Jensen Causeway, Vitola Park and the docks along McArthur Blvd have all produced with live shrimp working best. If using artificial baits go to a darker color like root beer or new penny, a little scent goes a long way in this churned up water. Throwing Gulp baits or adding Pro Cure super gel to any of your favorite soft plastics will definitely increase your bites. One of our great customers Jerry was fishing the St. Lucie inlet this week with live mullet looking for a Tarpon, much to his surprise he hooked and caught a 22lb Triple Tail, way to go Jerry! Keep a lookout around any channel markers, floating debris and/or crap trap buoys, they all are a good place to find those Triple Tail.

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