Wednesday, December 6, 2017


             New Year's Snook Slayer Tournament

                                    Event for Snook Lives Matter
 · Hosted by Michael Taylor

This will be a month long tournament for Biggest Snook and Most Snook. There will be a $100 dollar prize as well as some gear.

Tell you friends and family or any one you knows how to fish. Help me build this page. You MUST go to Snook Lives Matter Page and Dirty Slots Fishing and join the group if you are not already part of it. On the days of the tournament your Photos or Videos of your fish must be posted by you on the Snook Lives Matter page. Make sure your photos or videos are visible with your ruler underneath the fish and with the marker visible as well. If you have questions please message me

Free tournament to see who is the New Year's Snook Slayer. Prizes will include a nice crisp $100 bill and some cool fishing swag. Lures, hats, shirts, leader, things that we all need to catch fish and look good doing it. Biggest Snook and Most Snook will win a prize package, I am doing this out of my own pocket for now so please understand that for now.


First: Hook and line only no cast Nets. Artificial bait, live bait, dead bait ALL FWC rules and regulations apply. It is a catch, photo, release only tournament. The season is closed so you can not keep any fish. Revive your fish properly please.

Second: You will need to take a clear visible photo or video of the fish with a ruler underneath the fish with larger numbers if possible and with the marker that will be posted one hour before the tournament begins.

Third: YOU MUST JOIN SNOOK LIVES MATTER AND DIRTY SLOTS FISHING. ALL FISH WILL BE POSTED ON SNOOK LIVES MATTER. You can message me but I want everyone to see the fish being caught. I am trying to build my page.

Remember All Fish Lives Matter respect the fish. Take care of the fish we all love to catch. Revive all your fish, let them tell you when they are ready to go. Tight Lines to all of you .
If you have any questions please message me. I do work in a restaurant so questions that come after 2 pm I will not be able to answer till i get out.

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