Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Great weather and great fishing was the way to describe surf fishing this weekend along Hutchinson Island. I fished with my son Randy and his entire family including my grandaughters Kaitlyn and Ashley, and everyone got in on the action. Croaker, whiting, mojarra, and a 25 lb jack all made our catch list at Stuart Beach. The croaker, whiting, and mojarra all found the usual Fishbites and cut shrimp bait combination to be their baits of choice. Randy also caught a huge jack on a 7 inch live croaker fished on a bottom rig. If anyone has not hooked a big jack, then you are missing the fight of your life. We were set up north of the swimming area and that jack almost made it all of the way down to the swimmers before he decided to head back our way. This species is one of my favorites because whether you hook a one pound fish or a 25 lb monster like Randy caught, they have to be the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, along our entire coast. My grandaughters showed us why this type of fishing is great for all ages, and this summer's croaker and whiting run has been one of the best in years. Once again the bite was non-stop just before the high tide mark and all of the bites came 5 to10 yards from the edge of the surf. I sent all of the fish home with Randy so he could continue to sharpen his filleting skills, and I was able to take a weekend off from standing at the fillet table. It appears as if we are going to have a swell and some weeds to deal with in the first part of the week, but the big shore break should start to diminish by Thursday. I fished today although the swell was definitely building and weeds made conditions challenging. I managed to put some nice whiting and croaker in the cooler but conditions cut down on the total number caught. Good luck this week and catch em up.




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