Thursday, July 19, 2018

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Heres a quick update about our local surf fishing and things are definitely improving.My son Randy fished at Stuart Beach yesterday and he was still battling weeds on the surface and the bottom. Even with less than ideal conditions he still managed to put 20 nice whiting and croaker in the cooler. I headed that way today to see if the conditions were still improving and managed to catch 25 nice croaker in only a couple of hours. The weeds were not an issue today and Fishbites and frozen shrimp accounted for all of the fish. Today, the fish did not hold in a specific part of the beach and moving 15 to 20 yards, both north and south, produced to be the ticket as this school was constantly on the move. One of the great factors of fishing the surf at this time of year is the ability to move around because of the low numbers of folks fishing the beach. We have an early afternoon high tide the next few days so get to your favorite spot by late morning and you should be able to put a catch together. I also stopped and looked at Hermans Bay and Normandy beach accesses and the water looked good and the weeds were not an issue.

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