Thursday, August 6, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The best thing I can say about today is the conditions are improving along the beach. Randy and I fished on the south end of Tiger Shores this morning and all we had to show for it was 3 big Threadfins, aka "clear noses" and 2 throw back Palometas. The water is starting to get some color back after the storm but there still is alot of suspended sand close to shore that is making the water off colored. As far as beach erosion is concerned the south end of Hutchinson Island is in much better condition than some of the accesses north of the Jensen traffic circle. I looked at Stuart, Tiger Shores, Beachwalk Pasley, and Bob Graham south of the circle and all of those locations did not have any major erosion or drop downs from the winds of the storm. Cart access is no issue at any of those spots. Going north I looked at Normandy, Dollmans, John Brooks and Blue Heron. Normandy has some erosion and a minor drop off and Dollmans was fine . The situation changes as you get closer to Fort Pierce Inlet as John Brooks and Blue Heron suffered some major erosion and the cliff or drop down at those two spots was 4 to 5 feet. The water was much dirtier the farther north I went also and new weeds were evident at Blue Heron.The one good condition that improved at most spots was the further push up to the dune line of the old piles of weeds from the past couple of weeks. We have been dealing with the weeds being pulled back into surf at high tide but with the winds and big surf that we experienced during Isaias these piles are way up on the beach and far from the surf line.It is probably going to be another day or two for the sand and sediment to settle and the water to really clean up. I will not be back out until the weekend but if you plan on trying for the whiting, croaker, threadfins, or catch and release snook, I would target the beaches on the south end of Hutchinson .Erosion was minimal and the water as of today was much cleaner than towards the noth end.

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