Thursday, November 4, 2021

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 The weekend pompano results left a lot to be desired as far as putting any numbers in the cooler . The swell was still with us on Sunday morning and I headed north towards Fort Pierce while my son Randy opted to try the south end of Hutchinson Island . As it turned out Randy picked the right end as he had 3 nice keepers in the cooler before I even had a bite . His friend Chris Battjer also put a nice fish in his cooler and Chris was set up right next to him . Unfortunately the south end had a lot more surfers than surf anglers and they packed it in around 10 am as it became impossible to fish due to the numbers of surfers in the water . I finally put a nice 2 pounder in the cooler and added one more keeper by noon time . Randy showed up by me and had the right formula as he caught his fourth keeper 10 minutes after he set up . Those two pompano were the only ones I ended up with and other than a couple of small jacks and a ladyfish there were no other bites . EZ Flea Fishbites was the scent and color of the day for both Randy and myself . I ended up working Monday and today but after talking to some of my friends that fished the action was super slow at most locations . Looking ahead the next few days should be fishable but the weekend is not looking good with the wind shifting to the north and the surf really building . Maybe the north wind will push some pompano down our way. Let’s hope the activity starts to pick up and we all bend some rods .

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