Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Finally found a beach this morning where the weeds were not interfering with the fishing . I went to three spots yesterday and Coconut was the only one that did not have weeds . Unfortunately it didn’t have any fish either . I stayed local and only put in a couple of hours and it’s amazing what can happen when you can allow a bait to sit in the first trough at this time of year and not get covered up by slime or sargassum. After the tide turned around 8 this morning the whiting and croaker started to bite and I was able to fill a cooler . The fish are nice sized ones and put up a good showing for themselves on light spinning rods . There’s a few fish dinners in the future at my house in the upcoming week . Bloodworm Fishbites tipped with a tiny piece of shrimp was the ticket again today . I do want to mention the beaches along our local area in the Jensen Beach sector have definitely changed . Stuart and Tiger Shores have filled in and they maybe holding some fish but you are probably going to have to pitch your baits a bit further to reach the trough . The couple beaches I looked at like Glasscock, Normandy, and Herman’s Bay still have a pretty well defined drop off . Some of the change is due to the blow we had last week and I am sure some of it is due to the beach replenishment process . It is definitely a positive sign to have a steady bite for awhile today and I also had a mystery hit that took about 50 yards of line off of my Spinfisher 3500 before it broke off . I’m sure a jack or a snook was responsible for that run . Good luck this week and catch em up .

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