Monday, November 1, 2010

from Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

Warm fall weather has been the norm lately along the Treasure Coast. Windy conditions have made it a challenge for anglers to enjoy the great fishing action around the Indian River. Lots of baitfish all over the river this time of year makes it a fantastic time to fish. There is some great action all over the area, so plan on a fishing adventure soon!

November Forecast:

This month we will continue to see the conditions changing to the winter weather.  Cooler nights and nice sunny days will make for great days of fishing the Treasure Coast. Tarpon continue to feed the inlet at night. The bluefish are along the jetties and invading the river for their share of the spoils. Spanish mackerel are spreading around the river and the turning basin will soon provide some great action for anglers. Pompano are along the surf and lots of fish are being caught south of Fort Pierce on the deeper flats. Redfish are being caught around the docks in the river. Bridge anglers are eagerly awaiting that first sign of the sand perch bite. There is action all over the river, so get out fishing soon!

As the water temperatures continue to drop, look to the deeper flats and cuts for trout, snook and other species to be feeding.  Tidal cuts are a great way to find fish.  Work them with the tides and let your bait or lures drift across the cuts.  Fish will be sitting along the edges waiting for the tides to bring the food to them.  Try deep docks and seawalls for snook this month.  Redfish, black drum and sheephead will also use these areas to feed.  I love using a TerrorEyz or DOA shrimp under the docks.  On the flats, try a Deadly Combo for a variety of fish.

The surf will hold whiting, pompano, bluefish and jacks.  Bridges are home to black drum, sheephead and soon the sand perch will move in.  Snook fishing around the jetties and bridges at night will be productive all month.  Diving plugs, live bait, top water and Bait Busters will all work on catching snook.

Tip of the Week:

Just a reminder that trout season is closed November and December each year. Everyone is always attuned to snook season, but many forget about the closing of trout season. Catch and release is very important to trout. A de-hooker can reduce handling the fish for a quick release. The season will re-open on January 1st. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse to possess an illegal fish.

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

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