Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Capt. Charlie-Fishing Center, Ft. Pierce

Inshore Fishing:

Continuing windy weather has blown out fishing on the ocean.  It has been rough both inshore and offshore this week.  Only a couple days were calm enough for anglers to venture out on the river.  The seas continue to build and it will be another rough weekend ahead for anglers.  The Teen Anglers Tournament is this Sunday and hopefully it will give us a break to get the kids out on the water to fish.

Snook fishing at night around the bridges and jetties have been productive again this week.  Those who braved the windy weather were rewarded with some slot fish and some oversized ones, too.  Live pinfish, DOA TerrorEyz, feather jigs and diving plugs all worked for anglers.  Some flounder have been caught around the sandy areas of the jetties.  The sand perch have began to invade the inlet and many anglers are out there fishing for them around the bridges and docks of the inlet.  Along the beach there have been pompano.  Most have been smaller, but it has been tough to fish the surf lately.  The trout bite remained good for catch and release fish on the grass flats.  Live pigfish, CAL jerk baits and live shrimp have all worked on the trout.  Once the wind settles down again the river will be productive on the flats and docks.

You should be able to find some pompano south of Fort Pierce on the deeper grass flats.  Use Doc's Goofy Jigs or sand fleas for bait.  The turning basin and inlet has been loaded with mackerel, bluefish and jacks.  Shiny lures will get you the most action.  The grouper should be around the inlet this time of year as the water cools down.  You can also find some black drum and sheephead around the catwalks.  There is plenty out there to fish for if the weather calms down.

Tip of the Week:

It's about that time of year to dig down deep into those corners of the closet and find some warm weather gear.  It gonna come in handy real soon.  The morning have been crisp and you will begin to layer on clothes to deal with the change in temperatures throughout the day.  I wore long johns too many days last winter, but they sure kept me from freezing!!  Mornings are going to be cool so dress for it and keep comfortable out there!

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