Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

  Surf anglers took the brunt of the forecast, one day excellent the next day impossible.  Blue Fish in the 5 to 8lb class for the early angler casting spoons with a mix of Mac’s.  Mackerel have a smaller mouth than the Blues and they will hit the spoon but not the hook.  You needed the bigger spoon that comes with the bigger hook to cast into the wind, you might try changing hook on that larger spoon and taking home a few of the Mac’s.  Pompano were there for the long cast, one needed to get over that white water and yes they do come into that white water but not when it is full of Blue Fish. 
            It was to the east side of the river this week, nice Red fish catches, if you could keep the pesky Trout away. From the power plant south anglers found Reds, Blues, Flounder and Jacks and in nice size schools of these fish, over cast days made for a day long bite. Pompano, in Hells Gate, the bottom of Sewall Point, Sail Fish flats, the Bridges one might say they are every where.  Good size and plenty of them, that little Jigging Spoon tops the list with colors changing from location to location.  Next time you are out and catching Pompano pay attention, is the tide coming in or going out, is it the flood of the high or half way into a low and yes they were in Herman’s Bay. Trout season is closed November and December so they also are every where, bring your camera, the really big Trout Know the season is closed, “pesky Trout”…………………………….HENRY

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