Monday, November 1, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook

Starting at the beach, it has been a great week with a long catch list and the best part is any time you showed up there was fish. Plenty of Blues, Whiting, Croaker, Pompano, Mac’s and a few more were there and this was all day.  Blues were there through out the day, spoons and cut bait top the bait list and the Mac’s and Jacks were there if the Blues missed the bait.  Anglers that preferred the Whiting and Croaker found plenty at their toes, the Blues kept them on the edge most of the day.  With all the sand fleas on the beach you know the Pompano would be there. We reported lots of small Pompano over the past few weeks and now here come the keepers, do not forget the ice. Most interesting was the time, any time, depending on your location at some point they would be there, lots of fish all week and a seven foot rod kept you in the game.
                                    In shore the Trout season is closed, so they will be hitting any thing thrown.  November and all of December the Trout will get a break, one can still catch but you can not keep, time to take the barbs off the hooks because you and I both know it will be all big Trout, have your camera ready.  Red fish, slot Snook and Flounder will be the target if you can keep the pesky Trout away.  Red Fish just seem to like the west side of the Indian River, yes you catch them on the east side but the west, around the docks is their favored location, along with some slot size Snook, early is the prime time into mid morning, top water, gold spoons, live shrimp and soft rubber will find them if you can keep those pesky Trout away.  Flounder anywhere you find a hole in the grass or the drop of a channel edge, fish the drop, almost to the rise.  Shrimp on a jig head, just slide your bait across the bottom, they hit hard so do not loose you grip.
                This week end in Ft Pierce is the SKA nationals, lots of boats, lots going on, stop up………………………..Henry 

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