Friday, May 6, 2011

From Todd @ Juno Bait & Tackle

INSHORE- Snook fishing has been very good as of late around lighted docks and bridges at night.  It may be catch and release till September, but it is still fun.  Stay down current of the fish, fire your lures up ahead of them, and let the current carry the baits or lures over top those always up-looking eyes.  Some time tested lures and baits for this are; DOA Shrimp, Live Shrimp, small pearl jigs, DOA Terror Eyez, and Small soft body swimbaits.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up, move often, and try lots of new docks on the way.  That is a key factor in finding those new hotspots!  With slightly warmer temps these days the mangrove snapper have started biting a little bit better inshore as well
SURF/PIER- Pompano fishing remains the big draw on the beach these days.  It is not on fire, but the bite is still pretty good.  Clams and sandfleas have been the top producing baits as of late

with shrimp nipping at their heals for the top spot.  The nice thing about the shrimp is it will also produce plenty of whiting, croaker, and other assorted bottom feeders (great bait choice if you have kids to take fishing).  Snook, tarpon, and big jacks are also showing up in the surf .  Large plugs, spoons, and diamond jigs should all draw some attention from these top predators.  Find the bait, and you will find the fish!

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