Saturday, May 14, 2011

What A Day

Was up in Ft Pierce today>>>> What a mess, even though I got two nice flounder it was a rough day out there. They are working on restoring some parts of the inlet/beach I think so the water is real dirty from all the sand. The LOVE BUGS where out in  “F U L L  F O R C E”, they where all over the place and on everything. On the end of the jetty it wasn’t as bad, but when I was trying to put my gear back into the car it was   A LOVE BUG   Free-4-All,  ALL  over me (and I’m 6’5” **** thats a lot of love***) allover my cooler, on and in my tackle bag, ,and on my car then in it, even a few went up my nose.... Then the  winds and rain came but I had already started my trip back to Palm Beach with a few love bug going for the ride. 
   “Hay thats life”  and what you have to sometimes go through to do what you love. 
  When this wind and rain calms down the fishing should be great. My next trip up there I’ll be on the river, the water should be much cleaner, but I may still have the love bugs to deal with??????????

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