Monday, May 23, 2011

From Capt. Charlie @Fishing Center-Fort Pierce


Mother Nature has been good to us this month.  Lots of nice mornings to get out and enjoy the water.  Light winds have made it a wonderful time to watch the sun rise and have some fun on the Treasure Coast.  Plan your trips carefully and expect it to be hot and sunny each day.  Drinks lots of fluids and use plenty of sunscreen this time of year!
 The full moon and recent cold water influx into the river had changed things up on us, but we were able to find a good trout bite around the river.  The water temps are back to normal and the bite has improved since then.  

Trout continue to bite on DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits and live baits.  We found trout both north and south of Fort Pierce, but our best bite was up to the north.  While looking for redfish, we found that the bluefish had moved into the flat and they were plenty of them around this past week.  We found fish hanging around the docks, but they just weren't about to come out from under them.  We had a number of strikes and several break offs this week.

Snook fishing at night around the bridges and jetties has continued to provide success to the nighttime anglers.  You can also find some big snook hanging under the docks around the area.  We missed several this week from under the docks.  The bridges are still holding some sheephead and snapper.  Lots of blue runners are cruising around the river along with big jacks.  It's a great time of year to fish the Treasure Coast!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

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