Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night Stalking

I fished the north side of the Boynton Beach jetty the other night, and did well with the Mangrove Snapper on cut bait. It’s still early for the ***BIG GROVERS***   to show up and was surprised when I got 5 real nice FAT fish 12 to 14inches and a snook. I also heard of a few grouper coming over the rails, the bait was on the south side but I got a few sardines and it was on. One Important thing,-- if you are going to fish at night  YOU  should park in the south parking lot because the north lot closes at  “8pm”, and bring some sort of light, I use one that you put on your cap, also you don’t need to lug a lot of stuff out there, I travel as light as I can, that way I can move around the jetty and don’t have to worry about my stuff in the dark. Keep it sample when fishing snapper---- I use a Carolina rig ,braided line to about 15 to 18 inch leader, no swivel, tided with a uni to uni knot (double the braid to make a little bigger knot so a 1/2  to 1 oz sinker won’t slip, but if it does you then have a knocker rig, which I will also use sometimes) then I use a #1 circle hook.  The trick to catch snapper is to wait, the peck bites are usually smaller fish, let them peck away, they will draw the bigger fish in. Wait until you get that steady pull then wind like crazy (remember circle hooks ). Your going to lose some, but that what its all about, it wouldn’t be any fun if there was no challenge. 

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