Tuesday, May 10, 2011

******ABOUT TIME*****

BOTH JETTIES at the Boynton inlet are “OPEN” they did a really nice job on the north side, but its going to take some time learning where all the little hot fishing spots are on the new jetty. They dumped a lot of rocks around the jetty, so you will lose some hooks and sinkers. The front will always be the best spot, but gets crowded fast. Its also a bite higher, so you may need to take a landing net for the bigger fish. I was out there last night **TONS** of bait, I saw a lot of good size ocean perch, snook, and a few snapper where caught. Its still early, wait a few weeks, its going to be a snapper hot spot. The north parking lot doesn’t have a lot of parking spots and for now closes at  8pm***  If you want to fish late night you have to park on the south side and walk across, there also are NO LIGHTS out there, so bring YOUR OWN 

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