Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Tank tops and flip flops, sunshine and flat seas, you just cannot beat the summer in south Florida.  Fishing is pretty darn good too.  From the beaches to the offshore, action it picks up across the board, the mullet migration begins and the fish are right behind them.  Nothing like watching the sunrise on the beach while taking on the likes of 100+ pound tarpon, 20lb snook and bruiser  jack cravelles, it certainly beats going jogging. After all the “beach re-nourishment” it has finally settled down out there.  Whiting, croaker, big jacks, Snook and tarpon all making the catch list, yes there are still a few bluefish lost in the mix as well.  Early morning top water baits and Yo Zuri crystal minnows will find the Snook, jacks and Tarpon.  After the sun gets up, make your self a drink, relax in the chair and throw out a whiting rig with pieces of shrimp to catch dinner.  Beats the couch any day in my opinion.  The 
river is starting to fill up with mullet, redfish, big trout, and Snook will be roaming the flats looking for an easy breakfast.  The west side of the river has been the best bet on the redfish.  Live shrimp, artificial shrimp, and suspension baits like the Unfair Lures Rip n’ Slash fished around the docks will all get bites.  The east side has been holding slob trout from nettles island to middle cove, 3-4 feet of water is the zone.  Top water chuggers and soft plastic baits, keep in mind it is summer, that sun gets up and the water heats up quick so get your fishing in early.  

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