Monday, May 6, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

A few days of rain, some wind and a sea that made the inlets less than polite, well really not sure how to rate this week but when the sun was out it made up for the rain, wind and what ever.  

Surf anglers were hit the hardest, if the wind wasn’t enough strong surf made for less than polite fishing.  Now if Blues are your favored this is what it takes to keep them in the mix.  
Big seas will keep the edge cool and the Blues in.  Cut bait is favored, lots of white water and the sent of the bait will make it easier to locate but the white water will keep the Snook and Tarpon from the edge.  These two species like clear warmer water, yes they are there just out of casting range, it is May and it is time for summer fishing tell the weather man to shut off the fan. Residents of the island tell me about all the fish they can see but these two are in the blue water, the seas are settling  and it will not be long.  Trout continue to hold attention be it east or west side, just depends on the wind direction.  Most of the fish are at the top of the slot and over, 20” and one over.  Trout are school fish so when you are in them you are in them but if your bait is just relaxing it is time to move, a short ten yards will change everything.  From Big Mud Creek north that treed shore line is shelter from the wind and there is lots of fish, grass edges is the area.  West wind, start at County Line Road and go north, just look for the clean water, in the mix will be a few Reds some short Snook and plenty of Blues so bring some extra baits.  

If you are a wader when was the last time you fished the south side of the Stuart Causeway on the west end, great location and some nice fish to keep you busy.  Snook fishing, well as I always say the stronger the weather the better the Snook fishing and I was not disappointed. From all bridges I heard about the one that got away, deep running baits after sun down has been the prime time but these fishare there all day, fish the shaded areas in bright sun.

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