Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Capt. Charlie @ Fishing Center - Ft Pierce

August continues to bake the area with hot temperatures and lots of rain storms just about every day.  Expect more of the same the rest of the month.  Water temps have ranged in the mid to high 80's.  Water quality is the main issue right now.  As daily reported by TCPalm and many other news agencies along with a huge Facebook presence, the Saint Lucie River continues to suffer from all the Lake Okeechobee drainage.  Things seem to worsen each day as more rain arrives daily.  Water in that area is now unsafe for humans due to the toxic algae growing throughout the river area.  The Indian River Lagoon is suffering from all the runoffs as well.   The situation is critical and everyone is urged to get involved to get things changed and save our rivers.  Check on Facebook for the Rivers Coalition, Speak Up For The St. Lucie and many other pages that are daily keeping citizens posted on the river conditions.

In Fort Pierce, Taylor Creek continues to dump runoff water into the Indian River.  The fresh water is being pushed to the north with the tides.  Water quality there has held up well to the south of Fort Pierce.  Incoming tides has provided the best bite as it brings in cleaner seawater.  There is a variety of fish to be caught this month.  Snapper and sheepshead are around docks, bridges and channel edges.  Live or dead shrimp is the bait of choice.  Look for trout in two to five feet of water.  Top water lures, DOA shrimp, CAL Airheads or live shrimp and pigfish are great choices for trout fishing.  Redfish are in the shallow flats and around the mangroves.  CAL paddle tails are one of my favorite lures around mangroves.  Snook will be hanging around the mouth of the inlet, bridge, mangroves and docks.  Top water, TerrorEyz and CAL Airheads will all work around these areas.  Beaches have held a variety of fish including snook and tarpon chasing bait.

The turning basin in Fort Pierce has been loaded with ladyfish, blue runners, jacks and assorted other species that are all feeding on the glass minnow schools that come in with each tide.  Small shiny lures work best.  Look for clean water and lots of bait action on the flats to find the fish.  Getting out early can give you some great opportunities to fish top water lures in shallow water before the sun drives them to deeper water.  Fish the bait schools.  You can find lots of mullet, glass minnows, etc. around the river.  Fish the edges and you increase your chances of hooking up.  Fish the mangroves this time of year.  As the sun gets high, lots of fish will hang under the shadow lines of the mangrove trees.  Skipping a lure under there is a great way of finding fish in the middle of the day.  August can be challenging with the heat and thunderstorms, but you can still find fish to catch!

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