Thursday, August 15, 2013

From Henry @ Snook-Nook - Jensen Beach

Big bright sun, high summer temps and the surf is laid down, it must be Tarpon time. Now is the time if you have not caught a Tarpon or would just like to see them in action come on down.  Drive to any beach access walk up on the dune walk and watch, the bait schools look like a gray cloud moving in the water and around the edge is where the fish will be holding.  This is all happening up close, so close you can use your fly rod to find them.

Early is best but having never caught a fish with a watch on now would be a good time. Big Tarpon, big Snook and my favorite big Jacks will be there waiting for the cast.  Match the bait profile, these are small Glass Minnows so a smaller bait is mandatory, Fly with a lot of Mylar or a diving bait but small.  Yes you can walk in the water the bait will be around you and scatter only when one of the big three show.  These are all big fish so please do not bring a knife to the gun fight.  Now we all know these fish are catch and release so please step into the water and release do not crank these fish up on the sand, remember the slime coat.  For dinner we have big Whiting and a piece of shrimp or Fish Bites with a short pitch to the trough will fill the bucket, do not forget the ice.

Indian river anglers come north of Boy Scout Island stay away from that brown water, fresh water in a salt water environment?  Same problem in Ft. Pierce fish north of Taylor creek or south of South Bridge, fish early, be on location for sun up, bite time is narrow.  We are so lucky that we can have access to water no matter what are political reps do.

From the Stuart causeway north to Bear Point find a grass edge and fish it for Trout, Snook, Jacks, Lady fish and don’t forget the channel markers for the Triple Tail.  Live shrimp, suspending lures or soft rubber are all catching now you just have to find some time go.  Fishing the bridges for anglers that cannot make that early morning time, great location with shallow and deep water but the most important is the shaded water, fish under the pier or cat walks for best results.

Early there is a lot of bait at the bridges and so are the Tarpon, Snook and Jacks with Lady fish to keep you busy, watch for the bait.  If this group starts your hart it is all about the bait schools, no bait keep looking, could be at the other end or side of bridge. Snapper and Black Drum have kept most rods bent, shrimp is the most favored bait.

Till next week please keep in mind the problems with the water are all political, remember when elections come if they are in office now vote for any new face and if they don’t work we can vote them out also, follow the MONEY,,,,,,,,,,,

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