Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Dave at the Sebastian Inlet

At long last the fishing has stabilized and improved immensely. Over that past few week the mangrove snapper have really gotten thick around just about every square inch of the inlet making for fast and furious action. Many folks prefer to use small live mojarra's around an inch and half long for bait but I've discovered that when even that tried and true bait comes up short, a medium sized greenie will get the job done. I prefer to sabiki my own bait from right along the pilings of the north jetty where it will be presented to the prowling snapper just below. A number four Hayabusa sabiki will do just fine. jigging up your own bait saves you a great deal of sweat and struggle while throwing a cast net in this summer heat. Also, baits caught with this method tend to be livelier on the hook because they don't get gilled or descaled in the net, making them a more tempting offering. Present the bait by hooking it through the nose on a 2/0 circle hook or short shank J- hook attached to 2 feet of 20 pound flourocarbon leader and no more than an ounce and a half egg sinker to keep it down. When the fish takes the bait, put the reel in free spool for three or four seconds and just reel as fast as you can to set the hook. It's important to allow the fish to run off  a few feet of line in order to give him time to get away from the rest of the school. A mangrove will not generally eat the bait while among his school mates due to stiff competition. My photo this time is of my limit of mangroves from today, 8/19/13.  On a side note, I've begun hearing reports of some true doormat flounder showing yuo so rest assured I will be keeping my eyes out. As soon as THAT action heats up, Onfootangler.com will be the first to know.

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