Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Snook and Gamefish Foundation


Free SGF fishing tournament!

Memorial weekend, you can fish in a tournament no matter where you live. It's free, and data collected goes to improving our fisheries. --SGF's new tournament management system is officially up and running. Download the app, "iAngler Tournament," and register for the upcoming tournament "Stars and Stripes." The tourney will run through the entire Memorial Weekend. All species caught and logged will be worth points. check out the site, www.ianglertournament.com.If you are going to fish at all on that weekend, sign up! We'll be mailing a few random prizes to participants. Do a good thing for science, join the fun. It is open to ALL anglers. Freshwater, saltwater, captains, guides - no matter.
This is our latest and greatest technology. Please download the app, check it out and let us at SGF know what you think.
You can log practice fish in the iAngler Practice Tournament too.
Please share this with any friends you know who fish. If you have been concerned about ANY fishery you interact with but didn't know how you could get involved and help make things better, here is your chance.
Remember, this one is FREE, it contributes to science, your personal data is safe, and you could win a prize!
Thanks very much.
-SGF iAngler Team

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