Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sebastian Inlet Report





Hurricane Joaquin has grown into a Category 3 hurricane but models predict it to stay off the east coast of Florida, for now. Yesterday we got some real nice surf out of it, but as it draws near conditions could get sloppy. More than likely, boating will be out of the picture for the weekend. We just have to keep watching to see what lies in store for us. 

Changes in weather patterns can really charge up the bite, and it's already on fire! Mullet are thick around the jetties and on the flats; hopefully they will hang around during our weather event. Reds, Snook, big Jacks, Blues, Trout, Tarpon, Margate, Spanish Mackerel and Ladyfish have all been active at the inlet. 

  Our first photo today features Denise Braaten of Debary. Denise was fishing the north jetty's incoming tide with her boyfriend and 16 year old son. Using mullet, she hooked up with this monster 35" C/R Red that she released unharmed after the photo. Snook, Blues and Jacks were also coming over the rails. 
  Photo two is of Brie H. from New York. Brie was fishing the north jetty with her friend Mike. A lot of Jacks were coming over the rails with an occasional Bluefish thrown in. The Snook were jumping like crazy but were being very picky and they couldn't get them to bite. This sweet Red was a 26" slot fish. 
  George Olmo of Orlando sent in our third photo. George was fishing the south jetty Saturday night under that big moon and reported they landed tons of Reds and the Snook were going bananas! The photo features his friend Dre with a big C/R Red. 
  Arden Romanillos of Oviedo made the drive over with a couple of friends to fish the inlet. They had a great time catching fish and photo four is of a 36" C/R Snook Arden landed. A early morning Redfish bite presented this perfect 27" keeper. 

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