Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sebastian Inlet Report




We have a glorious fall morning at the inlet. With blue skies, white fluffy clouds, cool temperatures and a good bite, it just doesn't get better at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 2 mph, gusting to 3 and there is a light chop on the water. Winds will switch to the Southeast this afternoon. 
  We received an update from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi who fished the north jetty yesterday morning from 7:00 - 11:30. The water calmed down significantly and there were no waves crashing over the jetty for the first time in several weeks. Eight to ten Reds came over the rails, six were in the slot. Four or five Snook were landed, two were slot fish. Reds and Snook were hitting live shrimp, although Mike landed a 20" Red on mullet. The Jacks have practically disappeared but Spanish Mackerel have moved in to take their place and most are good sized fish. Mike said the mullet seem to be thinning out but greenies are plentiful. 
  Our first photo today features Bryan Sampson of Kissimmee. Bryan fished the north jetty. Bryan holds a multi-spotted Red that measured 26". He used mullet to land the slot Red. Bryan also landed oversized Snook and Reds that day. 
  Photo two features Bob Green of Vero Beach. Bob landed his 25" slot Red using mullet last Tuesday morning. 
  Yukihoko Hatta of Melbourne holds a big Jack in our third photo. This big Jack pulled Yuki from the middle of the ocean side of the jetty, all the way around the tip to the middle of the inlet side! Yuki was using a lure. 
  Orlando resident Edymar Pernandez landed his 19" Red using mullet in our fourth photo. 

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