Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sebastian Inlet Report





We have a little bit of wind at the inlet this morning, it's blowing out of the North-Northwest at 13 mph, gusting to 15 and there is a moderate chop around the jetties. The ICW has a light chop. We have a chance of showers today and NOAA has issued a small craft advisory through this afternoon. 

Yesterday was a phenomenal day on the north jetty. Finger mullet were as thick as carpet around the north jetty in the morning hours. Predators were busting through the schools and they were walking on water trying to escape. The early morning was Jack city with some real big boys coming over the rails. An occasional wave would come crashing into the jetty spraying anglers with saltwater, adding to the overall Florida-fall feeling. Many big and a couple of enormous Reds came over the rails along with a few slot fish. More oversized Reds than slot were landed. Big Snook were very active but only a few were slot sized. Inlet regular "Mackerel Diane" Buyce of Melbourne spent the morning getting cutoff by Mackerel and only two came over the rails for other anglers. Around noon the Mackerel bite turned on and Diane lived up to her moniker by catching some real good sized fish, as did others. On the tide turn from outgoing to incoming, the schools of mullet disappeared for a short time but overall, fish were flying over the rails and it was a real exciting day! 

Please do not leave fish lying on the decks; put them back into the water if you do not plan on keeping them, which includes bait fish. Review the information on the top right corner of this page if you are novice angler or new to the inlet. Know the rules, regulations, etiquette and proper handling of fish.

Our first photo today features Alek Turko of Indialantic. Alek fished the north jetty and reported plenty of Snook and he went home with a 31" keeper. The slot Reds weren't as thick but he landed a lower slot Red with a bucktail in the early morning and 34" C/R Red with mullet later in the afternoon. Photo one is of his 34" Red and photo two is of his 31" Snook.
  Photo three features Rangelo Soriano of Miami. Rangelo made it back to the inlet and reported mullet stacked up around the jetties. Reds were the most active species but Jacks, Bluefish and Mackerel were coming over the rails too. Snook were present and feeding but it was hard to get a hookup. Rangelo landed the 27" slot Red in the photo. 
  Photo four is of an unidentified inlet angler with a 26" slot Red he landed off the north jetty yesterday using mullet. The angler released the Red. 
 Photo five is of the mullet that were in the water yesterday morning.

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