Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bait selection 101

No matter what species you're targeting understanding what they eat is an absolute necessity. Every single fish out there feeds differently from one location to the next, capitalizing on local forage. For example, snook way down south in the Key's tend to prefer smaller baits such as pilchards, mojara and shrimp. Why? Because those baits are generally what are most abundant. Up north a bit, lets say Jupiter area, snook show a strong preference toward larger baits like threadfin herring, Spanish sardines, croakers and whiting. Farther north you can add large mullet and pigfish to the menu. The point here is that diet changes to a degree by location and that identifying what the local fish are eating can make or break your fishing trip.
This principal applies to all fish species. Mangrove snapper can be even more selective than snook, changing their diet even from one side of a bridge to the other. By being observant and doing your best to read the fish's behavior, you should get a good understanding just what it is they prefer at the time. Additionally, it pays to carry a variety of baits or lures. It's very simple; no bites, switch it up.
courtesy of David Ronald Hartwell @ Big Dave's Slay City. Land based lessons.

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