Thursday, October 17, 2019

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

It is great to post a surf report and not have to talk about big waves and dirty water. I cancelled a "fun" trip today with Nick Zeidman, friend and co worker from The Snook Nook and Penn Fishing. Based on the conditions and reports from the past week I was not very optimistic about finding a beach where the water was nice and the pompano were chewing. I should have relied on my age old saying, "You don't know if you don't go". I started at Stuart Beach and ended at Blue Heron where the water color was not the best but with an incoming tide I was hoping it improved and it did. 16 pompano later, 10 undersized and released and 6 in the cooler , I was pleasantly surprised. The EZ FLEA Fishbites were on fire today and accounted for almost all of the bites. The pompano that I was able to keep were all nice big fish that needed no measurement. The nice sized pompano are starting to move into our area along with some big whiting so get your gear ready and hit the beach . The forecast into the weekend does not have a lot of wind but it does include some rain. I don't mind putting up with some showers along as there is no lightning. The key to catching the pompano today was being able to reach them. Penn is now making LongCast models in both the Spinfisher VI and Conflict series and if you are interested in putting some pompano in your cooler this season, these two models will put you in the game. All of the bites came from 70 to 90 yards from shore and anything closer did not produce a single strike. I am going to cover distance casting techniques at my Seminar on Oct 26 at Bass Pro Shops. Its nice being able to talk about catching some of our fall species and not lamenting about the weather. Hey Nick, we are going next week!! 

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