Thursday, October 15, 2020

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Todays surf report is a perfect example of why our area of Florida has surf fishing like nowhere else in the country. I took a ride to Blue Heron yesterday afternoon to see if the sand fleas were still making their late afternoon showing and I have to tell you, the water color was horrible. Run off from the recent rains was obviously making its way out of Fort Pierce Inlet and heading south along the beach. The water was brown and super dirty but the sandfleas did show. Randy, Barry Rashkin and I planned on fishing this morning and I eliminated the northern beaches as starting points so we met at Stuart Beach. The water was cleaner than up north but not the green I was looking for. After an hour of no bites we packed up and headed to the Waveland /Normandy beach area and found some nice clean green water. We got our four long rods out and the bites never stopped for the next two hours .The species that were bending our rods were bonefish and at one point we were catching them two at a time. I do not know of many other beaches or areas of the surf fishing world where you can catch and release 20 plus bonefish like we did today and I have to tell you, that is some great fishing. If you are lucky enough to find a big school of these great gamefish, get them off the hook and back into the water as quickly as you can. Yellow Crab and EZ Flea Fishbites were our baits we used for the bonefish today . The day took a turn when the bonefish bite slowed and Randy put some Pink Shrimp Fishbites on a short rod looking for near shore croaker and whiting. The big whiting were there and we put 20 plus big whiting in our coolers for a Hutchinson Island fish fry. We ended the day with one keeper pompano, one bluefish, and four nice catch and release jacks. The day started out as a trip to focus on pompano but how great is it to have a catch list like we ended up with today as a backup plan ! I hope everyone who fishes all of our local beaches appreciates the opportunities we are so lucky to have .

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