Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

Finally got a chance to get out on the beach today after returning home yesterday from attending my niece's (Sam Johnson) wedding in Kansas, and I am happy to say the reports that folks sent me last week and this weekend were on the mark. I looked at a couple of beaches on the south end of Hutchinson Island this morning and decided to take a ride north on A1A. The water color at Normandy and Beachwalk was definitely fishable but I wanted to see how it was up near Fort Pierce. Porpoise , Coconut, Blue Heron , and John Brooks all had nice color so I set up in that area but never had a bite until the tide changed around 9 am . I caught a blue runner and a bluefish around 9 am and after that I only had bites from the pompano. It was not an all out blitz , just a steady pick, but the fish were all nice sized and here was no need to measure them . Electric Chicken Crab Fishbites was the hot bait that accounted for 75 per cent of my pompano. Most of the beaches north of the Power Plant have relatively deep second troughs that are closer to the beach than those from the Jensen Traffic circle south to Santa Lucea. You can actually over cast some of the pompano on those northern beaches as some of my bites came only 50 to 60 yards from the shore break. I always stagger my distances on those northern beach accesses to find where the pompano are running the trough. My good friend Chuck Frith from Jensen Beach met me later in the day and after not having a bite for an hour and a half had a fast 45 minute bite turn on for him and he put 3 nice pompano in the cooler and had a big permit run him down the beach 150 yards before breaking off. Chuck caught his fish on Electric Chicken also. It was great being back on the beach and reports from the south are still talking about big schools of pompano that haven't reached our area yet. Could be some great fishing right through May. Good luck and catch em up.

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