Wednesday, April 14, 2021

From Whites Tackle - Ft Pierce / Stuart / Vero Beach

Good morning everyone. The absolutely gorgeous conditions we’ve had the last few days have been a welcome improvement, and some fisheries have perked up because of it. Larger Snook continue to inhabit the shallows, elevating the heart beats of everyone stalking them. Few eat, but those that do are memorable, with live bait and soft plastics being the best bets. Some quality Seatrout have also been caught, although the overall numbers have been down. The surf is still clearing up a bit from the weekends heavy winds, but some Whiting are being caught on sand fleas and Fish Bites, along with a few Bluefish on spoons and jigs. Nearshore, schools of larger Jack Crevalle have been roaming off the beaches looking for bait schools, and have been taking a bit of everything, with topwater plugs providing some explosive strikes. The inlets have continued to produce Snook on flare jigs at night and live bait during the day for those putting the time in, as well as a few Tarpon.

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