Friday, April 16, 2021

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

The weekend is here and hopefully the pompano bite will continue . I fished with my son Randy on Wednesday for a few hours and managed to back up Mondays decent bite with another cooler full of nice pompano . I want to highlight the fact to change your baits when you are not getting any bites with a particular Fishbite scent or color. The fish on Monday were all over the Electric Chicken scent and color and I will tell you that on Wednesday that scent never got a bite. Only after to changing over to the EZ Flea bait did the action start. Once they did start to bite we switched all of our rods over to EZ Flea and this move accounted for a pile of big pompano. Our short rods, 50 to 60 yards off, caught 50 percent of our pompano . Springtime tactics and tackle change in the spring . The wave action subsides and the water will get clear so a little tip like removing your floats will produce more strikes from now until the end of the season. Randy caught a bonefish the other day and that just tells me the water on the bottom is pretty clean. The phrase, " no bling in the spring " will improve your catch rate by fishing with plain hooks and maybe just a red bead. Most rigs have the hooks added by using just a loop put through the eye so its easy to take the floats off and easy to put them back on when the water clouds up. I will be doing a seminar at the Snook Nook in the next couple of weeks and the theme is Spring Surf Fishing and I plan on covering all of these methods and more . Alec will be posting a date in the next couple of days if you want to attend or you can watch on Facebook live as it will be streaming also. Seating is limited to 35 so once Alec posts it on the Snook Nook website register before it fills up . The weekend forecast looks real fishable with Southwest winds and seas running 2 to 3 feet.

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