Saturday, January 22, 2022

Beach Fishing With Paul Sperco Palm Beach/Martin County Area

 Its been a pretty tough week for any angler who has been trying to put a nice catch of pompano together on our local beaches. The bite has been anything but consistent and a few here and there have been the norm. Based on the lack of a good bite I rescheduled the charter I had today. I just do not want to have anyone waste their time and money if there is not a good chance of putting some fish in the cooler based on weather or lack of fish. I exhausted every resource I have the past couple of days to get some intel on a body of fish being anywhere and its just been tough fishing. Checking back in my saved information I have caught some pompano on the south end of Martin County starting in mid January in past years so I headed down to the Hobe Sound area. Randy caught a pompano and a couple of whiting right away but he had to pack up and head to work. I never had a bite until after the tide change around 1030 and finally managed to put a pompano in the cooler . During the next couple of hours I was lucky enough to catch 5 more , which is the good news. The bad news is I lost at least that many to the army of sharks that moved into the section of beach I was fishing. I only fished two rods the last hour and a half because if you didnt get to the rod immediately , the sharks had your fish. A shark grabbing one on you occasionally is something you can work with. When you cannot get to your rod before its bitten off, its time to leave. As far as what the pompano were eating today, Electric Chicken Fishbites was on fire. I ended up with that being the only bait that was on any of my rigs. Electric Chicken has put alot of pompano in my cooler this year. It looks like this next front is going to shut things down for a couple of days but hopefully it will bring a new body of fish into our area. I also wanted to mention that the Snook Nook just got in a new shipment of Mark Burfords Over The Bar Surf rods. I know there were a few disappointed anglers who missed out on getting one at the Tent Sale but Alec has them back in stock.

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