Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Sebastian Inlet Report


Snook bite has picked up, but a windy week ahead

“Fishing at the Inlet has been kind of quiet all last week due to the windy conditions out of the southeast, which roughed up the water and dirtied it and brought seaweed with it. The water did warm  back up to 75 degrees as of this Monday morning and calmed down a lot. Friday through Sunday last week the water was calm and cleaned up nicely on the north sides. The south side was also calm and clean, but a lot of weeds to contend with. But there were fish to be caught! 

North Jetty: The snook bite has picked up a bit from the ‘lock-jawed’ fish we had a week ago. The bite has been early morning and late evening and on the tide changes. The favorite bait of choice was mojarras, but a couple were caught on live shrimp, too. Most fish caught were still the large females, but several slot fish were caught in that period. The keepers were averaging 30 to 32 inches. There were still large redfish caught on the same baits on the outgoing tide, but they will take almost anything as they aren't as fussy as a snook. Bluefish are still around but are on the small side as the waters warm up. The sheepshead bite has gone away, but small ones are still around. I haven't seen flounder on this side from two weeks ago when a few nice ones were caught. Schools of big jack crevalles occasionally swim past the jetty and large silver spoons and big top water plugs will entice them to bite. 


South Jetty: Over here, the fishing has picked up as well, with quite a few snook being caught on both tides, and here, too, the bait of choice is live mojarras. Most fish over here will be smaller than the north side fish and must be released unharmed, but I did see some slot fish (29 to 30 inches) taken over the weekend. Bluefish and big jacks are over here as well, traveling in and out the inlet and can be caught on large silver spoons tossed to the channel area, both tides. Outgoing tide at the tip, if you can find a spot, is producing lots of black margates, sea bream, whiting, sand perch and blue runners on any cut bait tossed out. One of the guys I know goes down almost every day and leaves with a full five-gallon bucket of nice fish!! 

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