Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sun. there were a number of cobia at Juno, What I was told, 7-8 with 4 keepers. One in the 40-50 pound range was lost while trying to bring it up on the pier *(when fishing bring  “your own”  bridge net  don’t think there is going to be one already on the pier)*. They where caught on jigs that a lot of the anglers make themselves,you might be able to buy a few from the guys ,but they are not cheap. They put a lot of work into these fish catching works of art. Very colorful with feathered tails. Cobia like that flash, and colors for some reason, but ha if it works go with it. One of the most important things about Cobia or any kind of fishing is give the other angler his or her room to fish,  Lets call it  “FISHING ETIQUETTE” something we ALL   should practice. 

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