Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Juno Pier's end of the year run

This has been a fairly good month at the Juno Pier, a lot of macs, blue fish some kingfish a few reds and whiting the big watch has been for cobia. There have been a good number spotted and caught. There was 6 one day with 4 keepers, about a week ago. There was one caught today in the 20-25lb. range and a few others spotted, but the real story was a 71 lb. cobia caught Tue. of this week. caught on one of the many jigs that are made by the anglers.  Today the water looked perfect for pompano and macs, ***  the only thing was they didn’t know that. Monday was the day for pompano, a good number caught. There are more being caught off the beaches using sand fleas, and shrimp. Try to get your bait out pass were the waves are breaking closes to the beach, pomps hold up out there waiting for food to wash out to them. If you don’t get a bite at one spot move to another an another an another....a little further down the beach, remember you can’t be a pompano fisherman if you take a chair.

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