Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

 Want to bend a rod; the surf has been the spot.  For that early angler casting cut baits or lures it has been Blue Fish and more Blue Fish. Want to have breakfast first, mid morning, how about Whiting, Croaker, Mac’s and Blue fish with a mix of Pompano.  After lunch it is all about Pompano, Whiting, Croaker and Blue Fish.  After dinner it is Pompano, Blue Fish and you get the idea the fish are there all day depending on the time and location. If they are not there wait twenty minutes or so and some one will show, if you are fishing up close it could be any one of the above but the Pompano try a long cast and it is shrimp that is getting their attention.  Surf anglers have had a busy week, but the great thing about the week is pick a time and come on down and see who bends the rod, surf has been busy fishing.  Almost forgot to mention big Jacks, twenty pound class, serious Jack’s.
          Pompano has been the river target, weather you are fishing in the North Fork, Hells Gate, across the Sail Fish Flats or from the bridges they have been there a few times through out the day, enough for the lucky anglers to catch their limit.  Depending on who you talk to as to weather they bite on the incoming or out going but the bite is on morning, noon and evening, three pound fish.  That little jigging spoon is the bait, some tip it, some don’t, and some say it is the one with the fly on it but what ever that jigging spoon works.  Twenty pound leader is all you need, heavier and it effects the action or the fish see it so go lighter not heavier.  Good Red Fish bite north to the Power Plant if you can keep the “pesky” Trout off your bait and the Flounder keep coming, not a lot but every angler reports one or two, early seems best and then you can go chase the Pomp’s.  Plenty of Lady Fish, Jacks and Sheephead to keep busy while, waiting for the Pompano and the tide to turn.

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