Friday, December 10, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook -Jensen Beach

Cooler temps mean cooler water and that means Blue Fish and more Blues, from the surf the rivers and if it is wet they are probably there too.  Mix in some Macs and Pompano and you might say are winter visitors are here.  Blues on the beach, in and out all day starting at sun rise, nice schools of three to five pound fish are there.  Blues are fun to catch they attack the bait they want it before one of the others gets it.  They will eat about any thing that moves, so weather it is a spoon or a lure even cut bait take the barbs off the hooks it makes for a fast release from you and for you also. When the Blues slow the Pompano and big Whiting will show, a piece of clam or shrimp will catch both and Blues will also bite, so you will know when they are back. Weather man told us all week about big seas and they never showed, looking for rod benders try the surf it has been an event.
           When the weather man calls for a turn in temperatures be at the causeways, the fish know, and the bite is on.  They need to eat, build up the energy; Friday it was Snook all day from early to late.  Flair hawks, Bombers, D.O.A. TerrorEyz, over slot, under and some in the slot but a lot of Snook. Water is cooling so slow those baits down and fish deeper water, Trout is still closed and Snook will close on the 15th but plenty of Reds, Blues and Pompano to keep busy with. If Reds are the target wait till mid morning and fish the shallow water that is the water that warms the quickest and they know it, stay deep and watch for the schools then move ahead and let them come to you. Did I mention the Jacks and Spanish Macs were every where?

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