Monday, December 13, 2010

From Henry @ Snook Nook-Jensen Beach

 Cold and colder, not sure I like this but the Blue Fish don’t mind.  This is south
Florida and it is supposed to be warm but the weather man likes cold weather and so do the Mackerel, Blues, Pompano and yes the Sail fish.
On the surfs edge there were plenty of Blues most reports came from beaches south of the Jensen access, the fish were in and out all day.
Favored baits were cut baits to locate the fish then it was Spoons, a few runs to the north but it was definite to the south.  When the Blues weren’t there the Pompano move in taking clams and sand fleas but about the time you put a few on the sand in came the Macs and chewed everything off. Go have a bite then start over, Macs moved out and with a little luck in came the Pompano, with my luck it was more Blue Fish. All that being said with that west winds the beach was beautiful, beautiful blue water.
           River anglers it was a Red Fish week they like the cool water but it was cold, wait till mid morning then come on down, that sun warms the skinny water quick and they know it, have breakfast first.  Gold spoons top the bait list but a live shrimp was hard for them to turn down. From Midway Road south to Walton is was busy fishing. Pesky Trout, the season will open on the first then we will see how brazen you are, bring the camera, and now is when that big one will catch your hook. Pompano at the bridges, one day hot the next not so hot, not sure why have thought tides or sun or temps but none seem to add up to a limit catch, it is up to them.  One day in the Sail Fish Flats the next in Hells Gate, no pattern, no special time, they just show up.
Form the bridges that little Jigging Spoon, in the flats try putting some clam or a sand flea on a dead stick and cast a spoon with the other rod.  Snook they do not like the cold, they will go to the deeper water, fish the light lines around the bridges, slower then slow on the retrieve, dark hour preferred.
Lots of Black Drum from the bridges, big Drum favored baits have been crabs but shrimp and clam will get their attention.  Cold I thought I lived in south Florida, how many BTUs can I get from a Palm Tree.

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